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When designing  this logo we decided to create something that had a striking modern feel to it, we wanted to showcase the modernity of this soccer facility by using a typeface that correlates with speed, performance, and creativity. The innovative technology that Katy ISC has made it very inspiring to design something that can be marketed at a global level. In many ways this logo can be used as a fashion element giving the facility new ways to create a higher audience by creating an exclusive clothing line of their own. Overall when designing this logo we wanted the brand to be able to fit with bigger brands if it ever came down to collaborations  or partnerships.


Logo Design



The word complex gives you the
the vibe of the place has a special type of technology that gives you the feeling of modernity and performance.
Font that resembles speed.
The light
pink speaks modernity, this color allows
for the brand to explore contemporary styles of showcases.
The 3 color palette of the French flag fits it with word "international" that's part of the logo.
Photo_6553634_DJI_34_jpg_4178067_0_202142221440_photo_original 3.jpg


We facilitated a partnership between Plei App and Katy ISC.

We decided to connect Plei App to the facility because Plei offers a service that brings a big brand awareness to soccer facilities as well as offering players pick up games, which is convenient because it's hard to get friends and family to play whenever you want because of their jobs, etc, with Plei App you play whenever you want.

The traffic Plei App creates has been very valuable to Katy ISC, it has brought a high quantity of players for their leagues as well as their other programs.


This is an example of the power of the Katy ISC logo.

One of the concept behind the design of this brand was intended of it to be able to fit in perfectly with the standards of major brands. Brands like Nike only collaborate with brands that have excellent branding and we are happy to have created a logo that facilitates it, now it is up to their branding team to make sure they take advantage of this logo to achieve major partnerships/collaborations.

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